Penthouse development

Reticolo has gained great experience in developing projects from the ground. For our own investments, we execute mostly penthouse projects where we shape modern apartments with roof gardens. On behalf of our investors, we search for potential properties where we can develop greenfield investments, plot installations and utilization of existing buildings.


Preparation and quoiting:

-         Field studies, inspections, experts’ reports

-         Examinations of civil engineering, mechanical engineering)

-         Land-surveying (roof, cellar, facade, common places)

-         Permission process of public utilities

-         Preliminary negotiations with local authorities, community

-         Collaboration with building- and engineering authorities

-         Market research (local property conditions)

-         Preliminary calculations

-         Quotations

-         Preliminary calculations of the renovation and implementation based on the bids

-         Attending general assemblies, presentation of the project, introducing references